Wizzard Blizzard Rap

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  • Wizzard Blizzard Rap
  • “I know a Wizzard!
    A Wizzard Blizzard
    A man of mystery, strength, and renown
    He is a force, kickin’ doors, makin’ $MAGIC in the eye of of the storm!

    The Wizzard Blizzard,
    The man of steel
    Built in Unreal...
    Engine worlds that are molded into form

    He is a man, that has a plan
    And no gas fee is gonna take him down!
    Cuz he was on it, so he did spawn it
    And he done built him a world in the cloud....

    Now we be playin’
    And they be payin’
    Makin’ bank as we farmin’ on this DEX.
    Balance lockin’ we be rockin’
    Blastin’ $MAGIC $COSMIC tokens to the moon! 🌙

    Y’all know that Wizzard!
    That Wizzard Blizzard
    He’s bringin’ life to our dreams in this cell
    Fightin’ back against the apathy of Hell!

    Keep it fresh!
    Keep alive!
    We will thrive!
    You and I, we survive!

    Play dat game
    Make yo gains

    Hell Yeah!

    Wizzard Blizzard!”
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  • 1/11/2022, 12:47:32 PM
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