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  • JaBal is an NFT collection created by Artvino with a collection of 1000 items available at davinci.gallery. Jabal or Bali Starling is a collection of NFT birds, the only species endemic to Bali, Indonesia and is a rare bird in their habitat. JaBal NFT is 100% hand drawn one by one so that each image has a uniqueness so that the level of uniqueness of the image is 1/1. Every time you touch the 250 image collection, a giveaway will be held and 10% of the proceeds from the sale of JaBal NFT will be donated to the Bali Starling captivity in the West Bali National Park, namely at the Bali Cekik Starling Release Center to support the conservation of the Bali Starling so it doesn't become extinct.
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  • 1/17/2022, 9:57:40 AM
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