In a Desolate World, Just the two of Us

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  • In a Desolate World, Just the two of Us
  • A once vibrant World full of life and colors had been destroyed by calamities of untold scale. Calamities so devastating that even the Guardians of the World couldn’t stop. For Zelhrius, however, the World had yet to completely end. The land he was protecting as a God substitute remained intact and nearly untouched, and it should go without saying that he was alive and well. Unbeknownst to Zelhrius, a single existence survived alongside him. Will it be his final enemy, or perhaps, his last friend?
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  • 1/19/2022, 6:01:07 AM
  • DaVinci Books
  • Zerocrane collection
  • Zerocrane collection
  • Book, Novel, Light Novel, Fantasy, World, Desolate, Swords and Magic, Original Story, Harmony
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