The Devil Made Me Do It (Peppercorn)

Legendary 8/8
  • The Devil Made Me Do It (Peppercorn)
  • The eccentric and ingenious Professor Peppercorn comes face-to-face with a twisted serial killer who's compelling motives for murder are of the supernatural variety.

    (This is an exclusive Professor Peppercorn Gothic poem NFT written and minted for daVinci Gallery on the Harmony Protocol Network. Secondary sales in the marketplace are permitted, but further distribution outside the blockchain are forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author/creator. Professor Peppercorn, Midlandia, and other characters are intellectual property of the author/creator.)
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  • DaVinci Books
  • FalconTuxedo collection
  • FalconTuxedo collection
  • Professor Peppercorn, poetry, poem, fiction, Gothic, dystopian, Falcon Tuxedo
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