The Mystery Of The 3 Missing Cats

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  • The Mystery Of The 3 Missing Cats
  • This book is intended for a young public from 7 to 77 years old (and even more!), adept or not of mathematics.

    The 3 cats of Tom’s neighbor, a 13-year-old boy living in Epalinges near Lausanne, have disappeared.

    Tom, very observant, discovers troubling clues, added next to the posters that placarded the owner of the 3 cats.

    With his friend Jenny, he will follow them one by one with the firm intention of finding the kittens.

    The two acolytes will have to solve increasingly difficult coded messages to get there.

    Will you be able to decode these messages before they do?

    Will they be able to solve all the riddles?

    During this exciting adventure, the young reader will discover different encryption methods used throughout history, from Caesar's code to much more modern methods (Caesar, Vigenère, Polybe's square, steganography, binary, modulo, RSA, etc.).

    Enough to reconcile with mathematics and get a taste for encoding and decoding messages.
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