No Bars Held Guitar Gods Course

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  • No Bars Held Guitar Gods Course
  • Do you wish you knew how to create and play guitar like your favorite guitar gods?
    Are you frustrated searching through Youtube and jumping from expensive and disorganized private guitar teachers?
    The No Bars Held Course grants you harmony and freedom on your guitar.

    NFT's are the future of digital courses because it allows you to own and resell the course!

    Students that complete the course:
    1 .Impress their friends with original solos and riffs.
    2. Understand and play their favorite songs deeply, quickly, and easily.
    3 .Get the flexibility to learn at their own pace and schedule.

    The course has over 111 videos, downloads, exercises, and a facebook group to help you make more music than excuses.

    I'm Grant, the best online guitar teacher in California. My students play blazing guitar solos, emotive chord progressions, and guitar is their peaceful outlet.
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